The Magical Little Details

This morning on my way to work, there was a red GMC in front of me. Suddenly, it looked like a bubble came out of the muffler of the car. I was shocked! Next, I noticed there were 2 little girls fighting in the back seat of the car. Then, a world of bubble blows out the left window of the car! I felt I was caught in a dream. I looked into the car and it seemed the 2 girls were giggling uncontrollably and then a lot more bubbles from the right window.

It’s these little things in life that matter the most. It’s mainly in these little details do we truly find utmost beauty. If you can’t appreciate these little things, then what can you appreciate? Life is all about these little pointless details that just put the cream on top and somehow really do wonders.

These little things are among the most important things for me in everything, including my programming. When you fine tune your product to be so perfect with these little surprises, the customers will be much happier with what they are getting their hands on to. A wonderful example I came across with Windows Phone 7, any long list, like your list of apps or your contacts, there is a box with the letter the next few apps/contacts are going to start with. If you click that box, it gives you a list of all the letters to jump to another spot in your apps/contacts.

Apps List Letters List

I try my best to make sure everything I do has these wonderful little details. And these are the kind of details you can’t let the customer know about! These are the beautiful little things you need to see if it’s done intuitive enough that the user just naturally thinks of and they are welcomed by that warm feeling of understanding the developer’s thoughts.

Nokia’s latest ad campaign, “The Amazing Everyday,” has been a huge inspiration to me. I really like it and appreciate the message it’s delivering, even if it doesn’t seem to advertise Nokia so explicitly.

The Little Amazing Show ep 1
The Little Amazing Show ep 2
The Little Amazing Show ep 3
The Little Amazing Show ep 4
The Little Amazing Show ep 5
The Little Amazing Show ep 6

So remember, focus on the details. Deliver polished products. It’s as important for something to be beautiful and intuitive as it is for it to have features that work. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but if you deliver a product that extraordinary, you’ll have a huge following! Most importantly: open your eyes and absorb all the beauty in life and everything you see because it’s everywhere and absolutely magical!


One thought on “The Magical Little Details

  1. I could only imagine the event you depicted in your first paragraph, I don’t think I would ever have come across such a situation! But then I thought, maybe I did come across something similar and didn’t really pay attention and shrugged it off.

    I, unfortunately, am pretty bad at making things look visually appealing (you don’t want to see my attempt at designing a web site :-P!!!). The main reason: I tend to make things work easier and keep it as simple as possible for people to use. Of course had I focused a bit on making it look good I would certainly be able to get better exposure.

    After this post I will definitely be more in touch with the beauty and magic in the world around me. Something that I have honestly been ignoring for quite some time… Funny how we live in a place that doesn’t really have the sort of busy, always-in-a-hurry, lifestyle that makes us less aware of our surroundings, yet it happens.

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