The quick guide to register .bh domain

This article was originally written by Yazin on his blog. I’m re-uploading this article for reference and take no credit for this information nor do I confirm if this information is still up to date. That said, it’s an excellent post.

To register .bh domain can be a real hassle, especially when you’re not sure who to ask. In this post, I’ll walk you through the entire process, step-by-step.

Why register .bh domain?

There are a couple of reason why you’d want to get a .bh domain in the first place. For one, it’s ridiculously easy to find a great .bh domain name – which is a relief, since it’s so damn hard to find a good top-level domain that makes sense. It’s also a good credibility boost, and makes it immediately apparent that you’re targeting the Bahraini market.

What you’ll need

  1. A valid Commerical Registration (CR). Yes, your business has to be registered in Bahrain in order for you to request your .bh domain.

    IMPORTANT: It’s crucial that the domain name you register is in some way related to your Commercial Registration’s authorized activities. Registering, for example, for a printing company is easy to do. Registering under the same Commercial Registration would’ve been rejected.

  2. A Batelco phone line registered to your CR. Batelco is the national telecom provider in Bahrain, and they are responsible for issuing the .bh domain (though that’s likely to change to the TRA soon). As things stand, even if you don’t need a phone line, you still need to get one anyway.

Getting your .bh domain

  1. Find a domain that’s available. It’s very easy to find a really cool .bh domain (to give you an idea, i’ve registered for one of my businesses). Just head over to Marcaria’s website and do a search to see if your desired domain is up for grabs.
  2. Send an email to Don’t visit any of their retail branches because they won’t be able to help you (you’ll just get a dazed look from the clerk). Also make sure to attach the Commercial Registration to the email.
  3. Get the TRA approval (INTERNAL). This step is done internally (between Batelco and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority). This is done by Batelco internally, but it’s worth mentioning. Remember the guideline mentioned earlier around the relevance of the CR to the domain? This is where they check; if all’s well, you should get the approval in a day. If not, you’ll need to brush up on your Influencing Skills and sort things out with the TRA (they’ll send you an email).
  4. Done! Setup your nameservers. Yes, once you’ve got the approval from the TRA, you’re good to go. They’ll setup your domain and ask you for your nameservers to redirect to. If you were expecting them to provide you access to a Control Panel where you can setup the nameserver redirection, then prepare to be disappointed. It’s all done manually, and it’s all painstakingly slow! It usually takes them 5 business days just to update the nameserver (which would otherwise take 2 minutes to do).

 So how much does all this cost?

Let’s talk about money. Here’s what the whole ordeal will cost, in Bahraini Dinars, or BHD (1 BHD = 1.65 USD).

Price (BHD)
Item One-time Monthly
Batelco phone line registration (installation+monthly) BHD 20.000 BHD 3.000
Domain Rent (monthly) BHD 3.000
TOTAL (YEAR 1) BHD 92.000 (245 USD)

So there you have it. It’ll cost you BHD92 (or 245 USD) to get your .bh domain for an entire year (which is a far-cry from the asking price on other .bh domain providers which charge 690 USD to get the job done.)


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