My name is Ali Almohsen. I work for an industrial construction company as a programmer / web developer primarily working on the .NET platform. I’ve always been a huge fan of open source technologies, such as XHTML/CSS, PHP, Java, Android, etc., but this was the best job I could find after graduation. I’ve really started to get accustomed to the .NET platform and see myself using it for the foreseeable future as my main platform for everything non-web.

I’m a huge fan of mobile platforms. My favorite overall would be Android in short due to how advanced it is. I’m also a huge fan of Windows Phone 7 and think it has the potential to compete with the iPhone, but it would probably never cripple or even begin to tackle Android’s userbase.

Currently working on a few WP7 apps to fulfill the lack of satisfactory apps on my phone. Keep in mind, I live in a country without official WP7 support, so I can’t purchase any apps from the marketplace, so free apps and my own apps are my only options.


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