Jack of All Trades… Master of Nothing

Last week, I took a course on Application Development on SharePoint. We got into an off-topic conversation about ERP solutions, comparing SAP to Oracle’s and Microsoft ERPs. The instructor said something that really inspired me. He said that as much as he’d like to learn all of these, it’s just not feasible. He does not want to be a “jack of all trades, master of nothing.”

It really got me thinking about myself. I’ve always wanted to learn all kinds of things and I pursued all of these things. I’d like to think I’m mediocre at MANY things, but don’t particularly excel tremendously in any field. I’ve had too many fascinations that I followed. When it comes to computers, I’ve pursued video editing, programming, web developing, graphics, etc. When it comes to sports, I’ve taken lessons or been in teams for multiple martial arts, wakeboarding, squash, marathon, track & field, tennis, basket ball and soccer.

I’ve got nothing I specialize in. I’m only just starting to realize what I’d like to specialize in, but it’s still a long list! In short, I’d like to specialize in:

Mobile Apps Development:
Windows Phone 7: programming in C# and Silverlight
Android: still debating between Mono for Android (C#) and Java (need to try them both out thoroughly to decide)

Web Development:
Personal: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
Work: .NET (ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#)

Key word of the month is SPECIALIZE!
So remember: specialize, specialize, specialize!