My Mobile Devices

Current Setup:

Bahraini: iPhone 3GS
Saudi: Samsung Omnia 7
Tablet: iPad

Histroy & Details:

HTC Desire (April 2010 – December 2011):
OS: Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread
Unlocking State: Rooted and bootloader unlocked

This phone was easily the best phone I ever had. It was the first phone I felt truly was a smartphone. It introduced me to the wonderful world of Android. Pure customization, very advanced apps, TRUE MULTITASKING and all round superphone OS! I was very happy with my introduction to Android and believe there is no real alternative for such a great and powerful smartphone OS. If you’re serious about being a smartphone power user and are not solely focusing on games, Android is the way to go.

This phone was great. It lived an excellent life. We had our ups and downs. Flashed so many custom ROMs on it. Burnt through endless amounts of data. Days, if not months’ worth of phone calls. Excessive usage of apps and games. My HTC Desire and I were inseparable… That is, until it fell a horrible drop and stopped working! Though I must say, it’s specs were starting to really feel outdated and could barely handle newer stuff.

I reconsidered getting the HTC Sensation XE for a while as the HTC Desire’s replacement, but then I figured it wasn’t so worth it with the HTC Edge, the world’s first quad-core phone, coming out in April 2012! And I would never betray my beloved Sense UI for any other Android UI, especially not for that rip off iOS wannabe TouchWhiz UI of Samsung’s.

Samsung Omnia 7 (December 2010 – ?):
OS: Windows Phone 7.5 Mango
Unlocking State: WindowBreak and Interop Unlock

My introduction to Windows Phone 7, a world of beauty, elegance and simplicity but lack of features and apps. I got a job in Saudi and decided I needed a second smartphone to have in Saudi. I already had an Android phone, the HTC Desire, and an iOS device, my iPad, so I figured I’d give another OS a shot. I read through some reviews and got this magnificent device! Truly one of Samsung’s finest. Excellent build that doesn’t feel cheap and uses metal, something quite rare for Samsung.

Windows Phone is just spectacular. I didn’t think I’d like it so much, but I’ve really been wowed. Sure, it may not be ideal for the power users yet, but it has the potential and it can definitely grab a much bigger userbase over time. It’s very appealing to the eyes, very user-friendly, very simple yet very powerful.

iPhone 3GS (Jan 2012 – ?):
OS: iOS 5.0.1
Unlocking State: Jailbroken

A temporary replacement until the HTC Edge is released. Since I have a 4 month wait, I figured I’d borrow an old smartphone from a friend in the meantime.

The iPhone 3GS made me realize how bad of a platform iOS is as your main smartphone OS. I think a real smartphone really needs true multitasking and that it’s a dealbreaker if it doesn’t. I don’t want to get a WhatsApp notification, click it then have to wait for that message to load AGAIN! Also, the App Store pails next to the Android Market other than in terms of games. No wonder Steve Jobs (RIP) marketed the iPod Touch and iPad as game consoles and the iPhone as a game console that can make calls.

iPad (August 2010 – ?):
OS: iOS 5.0.1
Unlocking State:

The iPad is loads of fun! For me, it’s the perfect portable gaming console. Notice, I said GAMING console. The iPad really isn’t all that special as an all-purpose device, nor as a device for any specific purpose other than gaming. For all intensive purposes, the ASUS Transformer Prime is the perfect tablet out today. The main advantage the iPad has is the strong App Store that has thousands upon thousands of iPad games, many of which are very well made and full-featured.

I love my iPad and wouldn’t trade it for any other tablet, unless it was an upgrade like the iPad 2 (or newer whenever they get released). I have no other use for a tablet but as a gaming device. I already have my epic desktop, my iMac, great smartphones for portable apps and an i3 HP laptop from the office.

HTC Edge (? – ?):

*drool* why can’t it be out already?


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